Dental Assistant Specialized Fields: Cosmetic Dentistry

The field of cosmetic dentistry has grown immensely due to the advances in dentistry technology and the longer age and changing needs of individuals in today’s society. More and more individuals are looking to enhance the look and feel of their gums and teeth, making this a exciting career choice. If you are interested in beginning cosmetic dental assistant training, here is some information that you may want.

The Job Duties of a Cosmetic Dental Assistant

Cosmetic dental assistants work with dentists in a variety of ways. Many of the tasks that are performed by cosmetic dental assistants are the same as regular dental assistant activities. These may include:

  • Setting appointments
  • Greeting patients and preparing them for the dentist
  • Handing the dentist instruments during surgery
  • Filing and supply ordering
  • Scheduling and billing

Dental-Degree1-300x199These assistants may also be engaged in specialized duties, directly related to the cosmetic niche. Although they will not be able to perform most of these responsibilities by themselves, they may assist dentists with the following procedures.

  • Enamel Shaping- Involves improving the shape and contour of a patient’s enamel or removing it altogether
  • Bonding- With bonding, a material that is matched to the color of a patient’s teeth is used to fix problem like cracks, chips, and broken teeth
  • Whitening- Improves the color of patient’s teeth
  • Veneers- This material is placed on teeth to help fix cracks, spaces, and damaged teeth

Educational Requirements To Become a Cosmetic Dental Assistant

While some cosmetic dental assistants may have the opportunity to learn their job duties while on the job, most attend some form of dental assistant training prior to working in this field. Many educational programs are available, and most of the time, assistants choose to either earn a diploma or an associate’s degree in this field.

Classes at a formal dental assistant training program generally include both studying inside of the classroom and laboratory work. This type of education prepares students for work in a real dental office.

After formal dental assistant training, most states, although not all, require cosmetic dental assistant to obtain certification and licensure before they can perform most of the job duties that are required in this field. Even those assistants who do not take any type of dental assistant training can take the test for certification once they have completed at least two years of on-the-job training. In order for dental assistants to renew their certification, they will have to continue their education and earn a certain number of credits every year, though.

Average Pay for Cosmetic Dental Assistants reports that hourly paid cosmetic dental assistants earn about $14.62 to start. The actual pay rate will vary, depending on the location of the work, the required job duties, and the education and experience of the assistant.

When you complete dental assistant training for cosmetic dentistry, you will have the opportunity to improve the smiles of others while earning a decent living in the health care field.

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